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How to Prepare for and Book a Survey

Gain permission from the owner and marina, boat yard etc. to have the survey carried out (if applicable). It should be noted that the survey may include the removal of small patches of antifouling and soft hammer sounding on GRP boats, spot grinding for ultrasonic testing and hard hammer sounding on steel boats, probing and light hammer sounding on wooden boats. This is standard surveying practice and is generally less intrusive than it sounds, as years of experience teach the correct level of force for a given situation. As a proud and protective boat owner I treat other people’s boats with the respect that I treat my own.

Download, read, and fill out the survey contract and return to me with a cheque for £100 as deposit payable to ‘Broadcut Marine’. Alternatively request that I send you a paper copy of the contract.

Telephone or email to confirm a date for the survey (subject to suitable conditions).

The boat should be on hard standing and have been out of the water for at least 24 hours if GRP. The hull should be pressure washed if fouled. The interior and lockers should be clear of stores and effects to allow unimpeded access for inspection.

Ensure that the keys for the boat will be available.

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